Workshop Features Graduate Work on Refugees

The Birzeit University Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies held on June 5, 2014 a workshop entitled, "Displacement and Exclusion: Attempts to Reshape Awareness of the Palestinian Refugee." During the workshop, four Master’s students gave a presentation on their theses, all of which addressed the issue of Palestinian refugees.

In his opening remarks, Faculty of Graduate Studies dean Talal Shahwan emphasized the university’s interest in research, especially in graduate level research, encouraging students to work to publish it.

institute director Abdul-Karim al-Barghouthi emphasized the importance of studying topics related to immigration, which are linked to international policies, and said that the workshop would deepen students' knowledge and broaden their international horizons.

Finally, international relations professor at Birzeit University, Ahmed Azm, concluded the workshop by making a set of observations and recommendations.