Workshop to Develop Good Governance and Leadership in BZU

The Office of Grants and Contracts at Birzeit University and Erasmus + Office opened a one-day joint workshop on good governance, leadership and institutional effectiveness in Higher Education institutions, with the support of the Technical Assistance Mission (TAM).

The workshop brought together Vice Presidents, representatives from different units at the university like the Human Resource (HR), Finance, Computer Center and others, in addition to a number of representatives from Al-Quds university and Palestine Polytechnic University to explore experiences, perspectives and approaches to strengthen local governance and leaderships in higher-education entities in Palestine.

The workshop offered an intensive governance training and provided an understanding on the role and fundamental responsibilities of a university’s bodies in governance setting. It also focused on the mission of key actors, tasks and strategic tools needed to develop the educational system in Palestine.

Keynote speaker and lead expert Professor Jethro Newton focused on the need for every institution to be headed by an effective governing body that has the knowledge and expertise to lead its staff, faculty and students. He also described the set of values and responsibilities that are needed to maintain balance between and enhance integration of the roles of the board of trustees, academic council, and all staff and students.