Winner of Palestine’s Falling Walls heads to Berlin

Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 and under the theme of “Which wall will fall next?”, fourteen participants from several disciplines and across many cities of the West Bank had only three minutes to present their research projects and ideas before the jury and the audience at the First Falling Walls Lab in Palestine, but only one was the jury’s favorite and the winner. Mohammad Daghamin, Birzeit University graduate, was awarded the first prize for coming up with a new technique to develop screens with three time’s higher accuracy and a high capacity to save energy. The idea of Daghamin’s project “Breaking the Wall of the Traditional Pixel” is to find a new type of pixels with new features and unique characteristics. He was able to implement it and create a new screen that consist of three times the number of pixels on the regular screens, and offer higher colour and clarity three times greater and for less energy consumption.

The screens with the new pixels that Daghamin developed can be used for smart phones, computers, smart watches and others. Daghamin will compete in Berlin, along with 100 young innovators from 50 countries from all over the world. He will also participate in the main conference, which is an annual gathering of leaders, experts, and intellectuals from 75 countries and a forum to discuss the most important opportunities and new trends in providing innovative solutions to the most important challenges facing the world. The event was organized by DAAD in cooperation with Birzeit University and funded by the German Foreign Ministry. Considering this year’s success, DAAD and Birzeit University will continue to host the Falling Walls Lab in order to provide a platform for young innovators from Palestine, enabling them to present the potential of young bright Palestinian minds on an international stage.

The Falling Walls Lab was founded by the Falling Walls Foundation in 2011, in order to connect emerging talents and senior innovators, and support and develop outstanding researchers. The first Lab was held in conjunction with Berlin’s Falling Walls Conference. The Conference is an annual gathering of forward-thinking individuals from 75 countries, where world’s leading experts/thought leaders identify and discuss trends, opportunities and solutions to some of the world’s many challenges facing. [page 67]