In white coat ceremonies, Birzeit PharmD majors begin careers dedicated to saving others

The annual white coat ceremony, which marks a new stage in the professional journeys of doctor of pharmacy students, has returned to Birzeit University’s campus after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In back-to-back events, two PharmD cohorts, comprising a total of 84 students, celebrated a new step in their careers as doctors of pharmacy who will start their practical training in Palestinian pharmacies and hospitals.

Attending the ceremony were Dr. Rania Abu Hamdah, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions, and Dr. Abduallah Rabba, chair of the Department of Pharmacy, along with the students’ friends and families.

In her welcoming remarks, Abu Hamdah noted that the white coat the students will now wear symbolizes their commitment to excellence in science and patient care and emphasizes their role in saving lives with their knowledge and medical expertise.

Abu Hamdah outlined the students’ training, which will take place in pharmacies for eight weeks and hospital pharmacies for another eight weeks, in addition to 4 weeks of clinical training in several hospital sections and departments.

Tima Hamadneh and Asil Ghanem, the two valedictorians, delivered speeches on behalf of their fellow students, emphasizing their commitment to the field and promising to carry their responsibilities professionally and sincerely.