Wafa Darwish Launches Book “Not Done With Life Yet “

As part of a cultural evening held at Mahmoud Darwish Museum, a book signing ceremony for Birzeit University teacher of languages and translation Wafa Darwish was launched on October 12, 2014. Darwish book "Not Done With Life Yet” was published by Dar El Shorouk.

In his opening address, Darwish’s colleague Ahmad Harb discussed the book and his relationship with Wafa Darwish as a teacher of comparative English literature, addressing her literary and critical interests in feminist literature, as reflected in her doctorate dissertation in Toni Morrison and Alice Walker novels.

Harb overviewed parts of the book, which relates Darwish’s struggle against disability, discrimination, injustice and the loss of family and homeland.

Darwish also spoke, describing how the book relates her personality and experiences – phases of sadness and suffering, as well as happy and funny moments.

Darwish selected the names of five women as chapter headings in the book. “The woman is a basic part of my life and without women, I wouldn’t have managed to proceed,” she said. The women chosen in her book all significantly impacted her life.

Wafa Darwish was born and raised in the city of Jerusalem. She pursued her education in Palestine and Lebanon, and graduated from Birzeit University with a BA degree in English literature, and obtained her doctorate in English and American literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.