Voters choose their Union of Teachers and Employees representatives for 20192021

With almost 79 percent of voter turnout, Birzeit University’s staff and faculty members chose representatives to serve in Birzeit University’s Union of Teachers and Employees during the two upcoming academic years  on May 2, 2019.

Sameh Abu Awad, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, was elected secretary general of the union. Lena Meari, Taghreed Abed, Fardous Salameh, and Abu Awad, will represent the university’s faculty members; Wajdi Saed, Tareq Hajj Ali, Ibtisal Yousef, Aman Sayej, and Walid Ismael will represent its staff.

The election’s preparatory commission announced that 609 out of the 768 eligible employees voted in the elections. Twenty-six votes were invalid, and 13 of the cast ballots were left blank.

Elections for the Union of Teachers and Employees at Birzeit University are held biannually. The union advocates the creation of better working conditions for all university employees, defends their rights, and fights for job security and integrity. The university has a long history of a strong, democratic, and socially-conscious union.