Visiting Professor offers multidisciplinary lecture series on constitutional law

Visiting Professor Ariane Vidal- Naquet. A law expert at the Aix-Marseille University spoke at a lecture series by the Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University under the framework of the French Universities Consortium. Naquet tackled the issues of constitutional law, and the fundamental rights and freedoms in France.

In her lecture “the rights of the accused during detention”, Naquet explored the main changes in the criminal procedures that are implemented during detention, which are now consistent with the resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights.

Another lecture was organized on the constitutional control in France. Niquet talked about its emergence, the procedures of activating the control on the implementation of constitutional law.

Niquet explored the basic guarantees that the international treaties and constitution provides to protect the human rights of people. She also traced the phases by which the constitution of France evolved.

A number of meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration Yaser Amouri, the Assistant to the Dean Jihad Al Ayaseh, and the Head of the Law Department Mustafa Abdel Baqi, where they discussed prospect of cooperation, in the fields of academia, research and exchange.