In visit to Matej Bel University, Birzeit professors hold lectures and forge connections

Ayman Zaru, a professor of public administration at Birzeit University, and Jehad Alayasa, director of the master’s program in government and local governance, visited Matej Bel University in Slovakia on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, for a five-day stay during which they gave lectures and met with university administrators. 

During the visit, which is part of the Erasmus Plus student- and staff-exchange program, Zaru and Alayasa gave lectures to postgraduate students in political science and international relations on the oversight provided by Palestinian local government bodies and on public administration under Israeli occupation. 

After the lectures, Zaru and Alayasa met with the university’s rector, the dean of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, the chair of the Department of Public Administration, and the director of the master’s program in local governance and rural development. The group discussed cooperation on joint development projects, community-led training programs, and applied research projects.