Updated List of Imprisoned Students

The following is a list of known students currently being held in detention by Palestinian security forces. An accurate list is unavailable as the number of students in various regions has not been given from the security forces. The list of names has been compiled from information received from released students and family members.

General Security Interrogation Headquarters for the West Bank, Jericho

  1. Issam Hamadneh
  2. Issam Arrar (collapsed from lack of oxygen, taken to hospital and then returned to prison,needs medicine)
  3. Ead Mir’ib
  4. Issam Al-Natsheh
  5. Rani Barghouthi (beaten on first day of detention)
  6. Rami Salamin
  7. Mahmoud Shreiteh
  8. Raja’i Thaher
  9. . Mu’ath Samara
  10. Naji Sidder
  11. Mahdi Kharoub
  12. Shadi Ka’abni
  13. Muhannad Abu Ghosh (beaten on first day of detention, bruised and swollen hand, face and ears-needs medical attention)
  14. Firas Barghouthi
  15. Ramy Fedayel (beaten on first day of detention)
  16. Israr Ya’coub (beaten on first day of detention)
  17. Sari Orabi Taha
  18. Anas Rayan
  19. Haytham Haj Hassan

Preventive Security, Jericho

(The first seven students were visited by lawyers on 2 March 2000. They were placed in Shabeh (position abuse) on the first day of their detention only, one for a period of 10 hours. They appeared in good condition during the visit.)

  1. Itiraf Rimawi
  2. Ead Riyahi
  3. Tareq Arrar
  4. Lou’ai Naser (beaten on first day of detention)
  5. Usayd Al Shanti (beaten on first day of detention)
  6. Ibrahim Sabe
  7. Dia Zaki Salameh
  8. Khader Adnan Musa ‘Arabbi (shabeh, isolated from rest, lawyer visit denied)

Preventive Security, Nablus (Jneid Prison)

  1. Samer Fakhri Said
  2. Jibril Fihmi Mohammad Hijeh

Preventive Security, Bethlehem

  1. Baha Rajeh
  2. Mohammad Eliyan
  3. Ayman Tanina