University, Turkey looks into Academic Cooperation

The Turkish Consul General in Jerusalem Mustafa Sarnıç accompanied with the Chief Representative of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Bulent Korkmaz met with Birzeit University President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh on May 24, 2016. Both parties explored areas where the two might cooperate.The meeting was attended by the Dean of Graduate Studies Talal Shahwan.Abu Hijeleh reaffirmed the university’s mission to offer opportunities to students where they can develop their knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals. He said that through cooperation and international networking, we permit the access and adaption of knowledge within and across borders.Sarnıç restated the strong relationship between Turkey and Palestine. “Turkey has shown strong steadfast support for the Palestinian cause,” he said.He assured that Turkey believes that higher-education cooperation between Turkey and Palestine is important to raise educated, skilled and creative generation. “Part of our mission in Palestine is to cultivate valuable, multi-faceted partnerships with Palestinian universities, bringing the younger generation to bear on today’s grand challenges.”