University students plan for their futures with INJAZ Palestine

Department of Public Administration, together with INJAZ, holds two training courses on work ethics and career planning ​

Public administration students at Birzeit University recently concluded two training courses, held jointly by the Department of Public Administration and INJAZ Palestine, that introduced them to career planning and employment ethics. 

The two 15-hour courses, entitled “Steer Your Career” and “Work Ethics,” featured welcoming speeches by Mayyada Badawi, chair of the Department of Public Administration, and representatives from INJAZ Palestine, who both highlighted the importance of shaping the professional skills of young students. 

The first course, “Steer Your Career,” explored a group of topics that aimed to identify and familiarize students with employability skills that facilitate job hunting and job retention. The course also presented creative, personalized strategies that ensure access to job opportunities, such as leadership in a variable environment, time management, oral communication, written communication, problem-solving, team dynamics, and conflict resolution in a team-driven environment.

While the second course, “Work Ethics,” revolved around the guidelines that personnel should adhere to in a professional place of employment. Additionally, the course familiarized students with labor laws and rights, communications and teamwork skills, and valuable skills in an ever-connected globalized world. 

This is the second series of training courses held together with INJAZ Palestine. In 2017, the Department of Public Administration and INJAZ Palestine organized a course on identifying employability skills that facilitate job hunting and job retention.

INJAZ Palestine, part of the global organization Junior Achievement Worldwide, has been a registered Palestinian organization since 2005. The organization has assisted 250,000 Palestinians across nine governorates together with the help of more than 5000 volunteers representing more than 450 private sector companies.