University staff discusses student, university concerns at Tampere University, Finland

Khaled Altakhman, Birzeit University’s assistant vice president for academic affairs, and Almutasem Abu Daqa, head of the Institutional Research Unit, discussed student mobility and international university rankings with representatives of universities from around the world during 2019 International Staff Week, held from June 10 to 14, 2019, on the campus of Tampere University, Finland. 

At this event, Tampere University hosted representatives of universities from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Tunisia who explored international cooperation, joint research projects, international rankings, joint programs and double degrees, talent attraction management, and student- and faculty-exchange programs. 

Altakhman focused on the establishment and implementation of joint programs and raised the associated student mobility difficulties, while Abu Daqa reviewed and discussed the impact of international university rankings, the underlying methodology, and related representation issues. 

As of July 2019, three Birzeit University students and two faculty and staff have visited Tampere University under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scheme. Birzeit University also maintains connections with the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Helsinki.