University Museum Features Six Decades of Political Posters

Birzeit University Museum between October 12-December 30, 2013 is holding an art exhibition of more than 140 original political posters on Palestine. These unique posters, produced between 1949 and 2000, were taken from the special collections of George Michael Al-Ama and Saleh Abdul-Jawwad.
The thematic display of the posters covers the issues of Palestinian refugees, the first Intifada, closure of Palestinian universities, the hero-martyr, political parties, and student movements.
Through this exhibition, Birzeit University Museum wishes to highlight the significance of private collections, whether owned by individuals or institutions, as tools for generating knowledge.
There is also a special section in the exhibition for visitors who wish to present their own collections of political posters. In tandem with the exhibition, a series of lectures and discussions are being held to examine the role of political posters in the media and the importance of intellectuals in shaping Palestinian national visual identity.
Moreover, a special section of the exhibition is designated for articles, books, internet resources and other materials relevant to the main theme of the exhibition that are to be at the disposal of interested students and researchers.