University kickstarts 43rd Annual Commencement Ceremony Preparations

The 43rd annual Commencement Ceremony is goining to be hold on three consecutive days (22, 23, and 24th of June 2018), Degrees will be awarded to a total of 2,360 graduates.

Birzeit University is preparing to hold its 43rd annual Commencement Ceremony on three consecutive days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (22, 23, and 24th of June 2018). Degrees will be awarded to a total of 2,360 graduates.

Dr. Abdel Aziz Shawabkeh, head of the commencement ceremony preparatory committee, said that the committee and all concerned departments are diligently working to finalize the arrangements for the ceremony. Degrees will be awarded to graduates of the fall semester 2017/2018 and graduation candidates who are expected to finish their studies in the spring semester 2017/2018

“This celebration paves the way for our students toward their scientific and practical careers and to serve as ambassadors of Birzeit University in every place, time and forum. The university’s administration strives to organize a suitable celebration worthy of its students, families, and the guests,” Shawabkeh reiterated.

Commencement schedule





Day I

Friday, June 22nd 2018


Education, Engineering and Technology and Graduate studies.

Day II

Saturday, June 23rd 2018


Arts, Science, and Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions.


Sunday, June 24th 2018


Business & Economics, Law & Public Administration.