University, Jerusalem Electricity Company Inaugurate Main Power Plant

Birzeit University and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company Ltd. inaugurated the university’s main power plant to increase electrical efficiency, improve power supply services for subscribers, and boost public safety. The establishment of a new power plant also aims to avoid outages in case of increasing electrical loads or a failure of another the power sources.

Birzeit University Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Adel al-Zagha attended the ceremony along with Energy Authority president Omar Katana, Birzeit Municipality mayor Hasib al-Keileh, Jerusalem District Electricity Company Ltd. chairman Yousef Dajani, electric company general director Hesham al-Omari, members of the administrative board, the director’s assistants, managers of branches, technical staff and engineers.

Al-Zagha explained that the inauguration of the power plant was the fruit of ongoing and longstanding ties with the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, which began officially in 2011. He praised the efforts of the electricity company to meet the needs of its service subscribers in its service areas, within its capacity.

Al-Zagha also commended the company’s efforts to improve its services to ensure a steady electrical current, regardless of varying electrical loads during different seasons. He affirmed that the power plant would benefit the town and surrounding areas as well as improve the quality and stability of the power service provided to Birzeit University's buildings and facilities. 

Dajani said that the power plant project is the fruit of the hard work and diligence exerted by the Jerusalem District Electricity Company and partners from the private and public sectors. He commended the instrumental role of the employees and technical and engineering staff in driving the project’s success.

“Our cooperation with a prestigious university such as Birzeit will enable us to provide the best service to our customers by employing the latest technological methods in the systems and networks in the company’s concession areas,” he said, “which will contribute to upgrading our services in quality, speed and energy saving.”