University, Cyprus Looks into Cooperation

The Representative of Cyprus to Palestine Savvas Vadimirou met on June 23, 2016 with Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh to explore areas where the two institutions might cooperate. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Office of Grants and Contracts Dolly Kaibni.

The parties emphasized on the importance of offering exchange opportunities for students and faculty of Birzeit University to learn and teach in Cyprus.

Abuhijleh said that exchange is a major part and focus of the university’s upcoming strategy. “We look ahead to determine what it will take to ensure Birzeit continues to provide the best possible educational experience for its students and remains a leading center for excellence and innovation.”

Vadimirou applauded the long-standing relationship between Cyprus and Palestine, assuring that the former is “very consistent with being friends with Palestine and support them in their struggle of freedom within the international community.”

Vadimirou then emphasized the importance of utilizing this relationship in order to help Palestinians spread their narrative and positions in a more clear and friendly way to the international community. “Cyprus can be the medium for Palestinians to get their points across,” he noted.