University Community Celebrates 40th Summer Class Graduation

Birzeit University celebrated on September 3, 2015 the graduation of 240 students, its 40th summer school class, in the presence of university President Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh, university board members and the students' families.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman delivered a speech congratulating the students and their parents on successfully reaping the fruit of years of hard work.

“I have full confidence that you will look back at your time in Birzeit University as an important and beautiful period that will leave its imprint for years to come. You will leave the university, but it will always remain in you,” he said. “Starting from this day, your new role as graduates of Birzeit University begins. This new role is to remain in touch with the university and boost its credibility with the unique work you do for your country and people.”

He continued, “One thing that we might not disagree on is the importance of education in humans’ lives. The human being is Palestine’s treasure and the key to the future. Therefore, to support and boost higher education is a national example of excellence. Birzeit University attracts distinguished students without consideration for their financial status. It focuses on providing a quality education and graduating qualified professionals. This university also draws Palestinian scientific expertise from abroad to settle again in our country. Therefore,  it requires the community’s support, especially that of its graduates who owe this institution their current accomplishments and future ones.”

Towards the end of the ceremony, the graduates took the graduates' oath recited by the  president and then received their certificates.