University Alumni Celebrate Annual Reunion

Birzeit University hosted the 2017 Annual Alumni Reunion on October 7, 2017, gathering alumni, students, faculty and staff who enjoyed a day of celebration and reminiscence. The reunion featured student and alumni-organized events and activities and featured a musical performance by the Palestinian band Al-Uns Wal-Jam.

Speaking at the reunion, the President of the University, Dr. Abedellatif Abu Hijleh, expressed his joy in seeing old and new Birzeit University students, and commended the everlasting connection between students and their alma mater that the reunion strengthens. He added, “I hope that these students will return to benefit the university and Palestinian community with their knowledge, skills, and experience.”

Further praising the university’s outreach to its alumni, Dr. Abu Hijleh added, “We realize that our students and alumni are ambassadors of Birzeit University, and so we started the Graduate Relations program out of our desire to maintain a connection between us and the alumni, and between the alumni themselves. The program maintains not only personal relationships, but also opens the doors for academic and professional connections as well.”

Addressing the alumni, Dr. Abu Hijleh said, “What Birzeit University provided you with was only the first step in the right direction of a long and arduous journey. However, we do realize that you have what it takes to rise up to whatever challenges you may face. You are the future of not only Birzeit University, but also of a free and liberated Palestine. This is not the end of your relationship with this university; we are always with you in every step of the way.”