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The Palestinian Executive

The Palestinian Executive is an indispensable book to many, among them: CEOs, business leaders, and HR professionals who are responsible for recruiting, motivating, and developing their current and future managers; aspiring young Palestinian students, supervisors, and managers; academic scholars as well as students of cross-cultural leadership; multicultural managers and expatriates who work with or for Palestinian organizations.
The Palestinian Executive is based on field research in the West Bank and Gaza, which involved interviewing 110 executives from 63 publicly and family-owned companies. Using a cross-cultural and contextual approach, the authors examine the leadership styles of successful senior executives and managers living and working under challenging conditions in Palestine.
The book:

Explores the impact of culture, environmental pressures, and harsh circumstances on doing business in Palestine
Sheds light on the leadership, interpersonal, and decision-making styles of successful Palestinian executives
Provides specific recommendations on how to develop future business leaders
Imprint: Gower
Illustrations: Includes 9 b&w illustrations • Published: September 2012
Format: 216 x 138 mm
Extent: 258 pages
Binding: Hardback
Other editions: ebook ePUB, ebook PDF
ISBN: 978-1-4094-4595-1
ISBN Short: 9781409445951
BL Reference: 658.4'0095694-dc23
LoC Control No: 2012029305

About the Author:

Farid A. Muna studied and worked in both the West and the Middle East. He earned his MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, US, and his PhD from London Business School, UK. He is Chairman of Meirc Training & Consulting. Dr Muna is the author of The Arab Executive and Seven Metaphors on Management, and the co-author of Developing Multicultural Leaders.
Grace C. Khoury has been a faculty member in the business administration and marketing department at Birzeit University, Palestine for over twenty two years. She is also the director of the MBA program. Dr Khoury has written a number of case studies and published several articles on leadership, entrepreneurship, and management. She holds an MBA from Suffolk University, Boston, USA, and a PhD in Human Resource Management from Bradford University, UK.

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Full contents list
Foreword by Talal Abu-Ghazalah
Reviews for The Palestinian Executive

Cases on Management and Organizational Behavior in an Arab Context 

By Grace C. Khoury (Birzeit University, Palestine) and Maria C. Khoury (Independent Researcher, Palestine)
Scheduled for release in January 2014, this title provides a presentation of teaching cases emphasizing the positive and negative experiences on a variety of management topics. Copyright © 2014. 423 pages.
DescriptionIn the era of globalization and ease of international connectivity and business interactions, professionals from all over the world benefit from having a well-rounded view of business culture and organizational practice at the regional level.
Cases on Management and Organizational Behavior in an Arab Context provides a presentation of teaching cases emphasizing the positive and negative experiences on a variety of management topics. Focusing on organizational behavior and leadership in Arab countries and the impact of culture in management and behavior, this publication is an essential resource for business professionals, managers, and upper-level students seeking real-life examples of management and organizational situations in the Arab business world.
Topics Covered

Business Ethics
Change Management
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Group Dynamics
Leadership and Management
Restructuring and Downsizing
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Culture

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