Symposium on European Economic & Financial Integration through the Regulatory Framework

With support from the Jean Monnet Programme “Lifelong Learning Programme”, the Institute of Law (IoL) at Birzeit University organised on 17 June 2013, a symposium on European Economic & Financial Integration through the Regulatory Framework: Steering Legal Aspects. Speakers explored how the EU model can be extended and utilised to encourage and consolidate Arab and Arab-European economic and financial integration.
Eight distinguished experts from France, Belgium, Birzeit University and financial institutions took part in the symposium. Presentations addressed the extension of the exclusive EU common trade policy to foreign direct investment; EU investor protection after the financial crisis; required legal and structural adjustments for Palestinian-European possible aspects of cooperation; measures of the internal market in the EU; and challenges and prospects of Arab economic and financial integration. Speakers also elaborated on the role of the prospectus directive in unifying EU regulated capital markets; transparency norms the world trade system and Free Trade Agreements; and objectives of the Palestinian Draft Law of Competition in comparison to the EU experience.
The event brought together local researchers, university professors, and representatives of relevant sectors within the Palestinian National Authority.
To also build on the symposium conclusions in future activities, the IoL will compile the papers presented in the symposium in a special book.