Study of Palestinian Code of Criminal Procedure Launched

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Law and Public Administration held on Saturday, October 3, 2015 a book launch for its latest publication, “The Palestinian Code of Criminal Procedure: A Comparative Study,” by Mustafa Abdul Baqi, a staff member at the law faculty.

Dean Yasser Amouri said the 476-page book, the second in a series, is an addition to the curriculum and praised the author for his effort.

During the ceremony, Abdul Baqi presented a brief summary of the book, its methodology and the new ideas it represents. He reviewed the book's three main chapter subjects: claims arising from a crime, criminal case procedures and ways to judicial appeal. He also dedicated an entire chapter to introducing the code of criminal procedures.

High Court Judge Abdullah Ghuzlan underscored the importance of this book and addressed the issue of judicial decisions and how to comment on them.

Abdul Baqi and Ghuzlan then opened the floor for audience questions about the content of the book and the judicial system in Palestine.

Amouri said that the book is the faculty’s fifth publication, publishing at a rate of one book per series. The faculty is also organizing a book launch for an additional three books published as academic theses.