Study explores environmental and health impacts of Birzeit’s asphalt factory “Hot Blend”

An academic committee of Birzeit University teaching staff, with the approval of Birzeit Municipality, published an analytical study to assess the environmental and health impacts of building an asphalt factory (Hot Blend) in Birzeit, based on an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study presented by the plant’s manager.

Prepared by Maysaa Nemer, an academic researcher at the university’s Institute of Community and Public Health, and Rashed Al-Sa’ed, director of the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies, the study highlights concerns regarding the health and environmental impact of building an asphalt plant in a residential and green area. The authors relied on available local and international literature, studies, and other evidence to prove that if the plant were to be built, it would cause chemical and physical hazards that would negatively impact both the environment and human health.

The EIA study does not present a comprehensive outlook on the possible impacts of the industrial plant, including traffic pollution, noise, and effects on green areas and biodiversity, beyond its economic implications. 

The full study is available in English. An addendum to the study is also available. 

Public notice:Re-affirming the BZU study on environmental and health impacts of HBAP in Birzeit town