Study Day on “Scientific Research and Freedom to Question”

The Media Department at BZU in cooperation with the
Palestinian Journalists Syndicate organized a study day entitled: "Scientific Research
and Freedom to Question" on 26 April 2012. The study day took place at
Martyr Kamal Nasir Hall, marking World Press Freedom Day.


his opening address, Chairperson of the Media Department, Dr. Walid Shurafa, highlighted
the importance of the “freedom to question” in scientific research, asserting
at the same time that intellectual freedom must comply with methodological regulations
related to research methodology, sampling, and assumptions.

event was attended by a large number of faculty members, students and members
of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate. Seven outstanding students’ research
papers were discussed over the two sessions.

behalf of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the Head of
the Syndicate, Abdel Nasser
Najjar, honored the distinguished students by awarding two laptops for the top two
research papers and USD 100 for each of the other five research papers.