Students Lend a Helping Hand to Olive Farmers

As part of its ongoing efforts to aid and otherwise support the Palestinian community, Birzeit University students, academics and staff are helping local farmers in the annual olive tree harvest, as part of the university’s Community Work program.

The program, founded in the early 1970s, aims to give back to the Palestinian public through various initiatives and programs designed to support locals and communities alike. Birzeit University has made the completion of the program a requirement for graduation, further cementing its status as part-and-parcel of the greater Palestinian community.

The annual olive harvest initiative titled “If the olive knew its grower, its oil would turn to tears”, is one of the well-known activities of the Community Work program through which the university has strengthened its bond with local communities.

This year, university students, staff, and faculty will help local farmers in the following Palestinian villages and towns: Birzeit, Kufor Ne’meh, Senjel, Kobar, and Al-Mazra’a Al-G’arbyia.