Students invents a construction lift via automatic plastering machine

A team of 4 students from the Mechanic and Mechatronics Department were able to develop an automatic plastering machine reducing human energy, time and create more efficient product.

Students Mohammad Abda, Fadel Ajouli, Dana Ramahi and Abed Shishan were able to overcome the disadvantages of manual plastering. According to the students research the idea of the automatic plastering machine stemmed from the importance of Plastering as it is one of the main operations in the building process, and depends on the skills of the worker and has no certain quality standards for accomplishing the work.

The students pointed out that manual plastering waste raw materials, plaster material dries out quickly so one needs to be able to work with it quickly, and hazards and injuries to workers are likelihood to happen. “We sought to overcome all these disadvantages with an automatic machine that fulfill the full cycle of plastering in a five basic phases.”