Students Invent Computer Reminder of Good Posture

Three students from Birzeit University Computer Systems Engineering Department have developed an alarm system that monitors how one sits in front of the computer, and asks the user to rectify his/her sitting position to maintain good health and safety.

The system measures the distance between user and screen and his or her sitting and neck position. Once it detects a poor position, the device alerts the user to sit properly in order maintain a healthy body.

"It is difficult to live without a computer,” one of the students said, “and many people spend long hours working on the computer, without moving or exercising. This leads to various health problems, such as headaches, back pain, and weak eyesight."

Another student said that the project was based on scientific research findings about posture while using the computer. He explained that, "The distance between the user and the computer screen should be within the range of 50-70 cm, while the device monitors neck and eye position, emphasizing the need for 17 eye blinks per minute."

The project depends on the computer’s camera, explained a third student who developed the system. When the computer user switches it on and then starts working, if his or her sitting position is incorrect, the device alerts the user and explains the error.

This invention is part of the students’ graduation project. Project supervisor Professor Aziz Qraosh said that the device will save many users from illnesses related to improper sitting, and will be particularly useful for those working in information technology and banks who work on the computer for long hours.