Students explore Birzeit University, plan their academic careers in guidance session

Birzeit University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, organized a guidance session for high school (Injaz) students on its campus on March 14, 2018.

The session, part of a series of guidance sessions held annually in all 11 Palestinian governorates, aimed to introduce prospective college students to the available majors at Palestinian educational institutions and assist them in choosing suitable majors and universities according to their interests and job market needs.

Attending the session were Vice President for Academic Affairs at Birzeit University Dr. Faisal Awadallah, Assistant Deputy Minister for Higher Education at the Ministry of Higher Education Dr. Ihab Al-Qubbaj, and Director of Education in the Ramallah Governorate Basim Ariqat.

Dr. Awadallah welcomed prospective students to Birzeit University and called upon them to carefully weigh their options, saying, “This is a chance for students to think and plan their future courses of study in accordance with their interests and the market needs.”

“Birzeit University,” Dr. Awadallah added, “offers 108 academic programs, which include 72 programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree, 32 programs that lead to a master’s degree, one Ph.D. program in Social Science, two diploma programs, and the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program.”

The university, Awadallah said, will always encourage academic excellence and scientific research. “As part of our constant drive for innovation and creativity, we’ve recently launched two new academic programs: The Contemporary Visual Art Program and the Arabic Music Program. Additionally, we’re in the process of establishing the Samir Aweidah Arts and Design Building, which will allow many aspiring students to hone their skills in art and design studios.”

Dr. Qubbaj reiterated the importance of education in Palestine, calling it “our weapon in the path toward establishing our independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

“This is the start of your professional and academic careers. Plan for the future you want and work accordingly,” Dr. Qubbaj said, addressing the students.

Ariqat commended the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and the participating universities in guiding and directing high school students, saying, “This initiative will light the way for students and allow them to choose majors based on their own interests and the needs of the Palestinian community and job market.”

Head of the Events and Delegations Unit at Birzeit University Ramez Fawadla noted that the session is an extension of the university’s mission to produce community leaders who are capable of affecting change. “Birzeit University has always been facilitating its students’ academic prowess and practical skills through a wide variety of elective courses in different fields and a host of extra-curricular activities and events. Today, however, we are extending this support to prospective students in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and a number of Palestinian universities and colleges.”

Representatives from 16 universities, colleges, and centers, in addition to representatives from Birzeit University’s Registration and Admissions Department, participated in the guidance sessions, answering student inquiries and questions and handing out informative brochures on their academic offerings.

As part of the guidance sessions, students from the Contemporary Visual Art Program sculpted clay visages in front of the attending high-school students, and Taqi Sabateen, a young Palestinian artist, was invited to paint the university campus. Additionally, the program hung a board on which the students were told to write what they would like to major in, creating a beautiful mosaic of dreams and ambitions.