Students develop life skills with launch of experiential learning objects

The Center for Continuing Education at Birzeit University, together with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, recently launched the Experiential Learning Objects Program in over 100 schools in all Palestinian governorate. 

The program, aimed at students in grades one through four, is designed to create interactive, participatory learning environments by utilizing experiential learning objects - specially-designed teaching aids that incorporate life skills and active citizenship into school curricula. Twenty schools have also begun implementing science and mathematics learning objects for grades seven through ten. 

“These efforts pave the way for further expansion of the Experiential Learning Objects into all Palestinian schools within the next few years,” said Dr. Osama Mimi, head of the Learning Innovation Unit at the Center for Continuing Education. “Implementing Learning Objects will develop the life skills of students, advance the pedagogical practices of teachers and lead to an increase in knowledge production.”