Students create an application to reserve taxis

Finding a taxi and avoiding traffic has been a concern for Birzeit University students, especially with the increase of the number of students, and the lack of transportation. In an attempt to solve this problem; the students Muhammad Saad, Muhammad Qu’od and Alaa’ Hamayel from the Computer Science Department invented an application to administrate taxi’s reservations in Palestinian cities, under the supervision of Dr. Iyad Jaber.

The application works by connecting to the web to distribute taxi’s requests to offices and drivers, in addition to storing requests and tracks to be used later. It also enables users to locate the closest taxi to his/her location.

The application was first designed as a graduation project, but the students decided to practically implement it after spending one year to develop it before presenting its’ final version. The application was invested in cooperation with the Palestinian business man Abdul Hameed Jmeedeh to be used in various taxi offices in Ramallah and Birzeit, with a future vision to gradually include other cities.

The application can be run though all operating systems, and can be uploaded on smartphones via the following website: .