Students cooperate on coding projects in Yamsafer lecture

The Department of Computer Science at Birzeit University, in cooperation with Yamsafer, has held the third lecture in a series of lectures aimed at computer science students on March 20, 2018, on the university campus.

The lectures, which have benefitted over 80 students so far, are designed to introduce technologies widespread in the job market to the students, thus preparing them for jobs after graduation.

The lecture revolved around Laravel, which is a framework designed to group, unify, and facilitate multi-party or singular coding projects. Hammam Samara, a front-end developer at Yamsafer, explained to the students how to work with Laravel and where it’s applicable. “Laravel is a framework that combines the different programming components and allows a team of programmers and coders to compartmentalize and cooperate on big and small projects.”

“Laravel,” Samara added, “utilizes the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern, which allows programmers to develop different parts of the program in a parallel fashion. Additionally, such a pattern allows for separation between user-facing information and how it is interpreted at the code level.”

The first of these lectures introduced students to React, which allows programmers to build user interfaces for web application. The second lecture presented application development for the Android platform. The fourth lecture will familiarize students with DevOps, a practice of unifying software development and software operation. 

Yamsafer is a Palestinian online booking and accommodations company established in 2011. It currently boasts over 200,000 accommodation options in more than 4000 towns and cities worldwide.