Students Continue Sit-in : Solidarity Visits Palestinian Human Rights Organization and Refugee Camp

Birzeit University students continued their sit-in at the university cafeteria today protesting against the incidents that followed the visit of the French Prime Minister to the university. Student leaders told Birzeit News that the main aim of the sit-in is to turn international attention on the students arrested by the Palestinian security bodies. The student movement insists that the protests will continue until all arrested students are released and the independence of the university from the security forces is recognized by the Palestinian Authority.

The sit-in has gained wide reaction on the Palestinian and International level. Large numbers of international press have visited the students as well as several local delegations to show solidarity. Among the visitors on campus, today was Mrs. Rawya ash-Shawwa, a Legislative Council member who reiterated the student demand that no security forces should enter the university and the Palestinian Authority should release all the arrested students immediately.

Dr. Mustafa Barghothi from the Medical Relief Committees visited the students with a petition signed by 200 people. Abdul-Raheem Malouh, representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine also delivered a speech in favor of the students and added that what happened was a result of Palestinian frustration with negotiations.

Delegations from the Women Affairs Committee, the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (LAW) and the Council of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations also spoke with the students.

At 6 pm, over one hundred people from neighboring Jalazon Refugee Camp marched into the university in solidarity with the students.

The student movement insisted that the protests will continue until all those arrested are released.