Student volunteers to support health sector in Jerusalem

Birzeit University's Voluntary Work Office, Armaa Organization, and Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem launched on December 18, 2016 a new healthcare initiative. The effort, called “Hope in Our Hearts," seeks to provide joy and hope for children staying in hospitals by offering entertaining activities. Students from Birzeit University will also assist children in keeping up with their schoolwork.

Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh said that improving the health sector in Palestine, specifically in Jerusalem, cannot be done single-handedly. "We team up with local and national organizations to provide complementary approaches that reduce children's stress during their long stay in hospitals. We believe in this life-saving and voluntary missions work.”

Chief Executive Officer of Augusta Victoria Hospital Walid Nammour said the hospital is aware of the needs of children suffering from chronic disease who must stay in the hospital for long periods at a time. He described the "School of Determination," inaugurated at the Augusta Victoria Hospital two years ago in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, to help students make up the lessons and classes they miss. "Our goal is not only to offer health care, but to contribute to empowering our younger generation."