Student Debate on the priority of leadership among men and women

The Department of Public Administration at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration held on 5 March 2011, a student debate on "management and leadership among men and women", where the debate focused on the priority of leadership among three student teams.

Members of the 1st team have supported the argument that  leadership is man's  priority, due to a range of physical causes, explaining  that there are differences in body structure and stamina, and that the man is more mentally capable and more able of storing information. The members of the Panel pointed out that the woman is fit for leadership, but not for all positions, being unable to fight wars and exercise military leadership.

The 2nd team tried to prove the contrary, where they presented few evidences, in terms of women  are better observers, and their minds are more responsive, since, they are able to physically cope, being a wife that bears the burdens of housework, in addition to her being a mother and an employee. The team gave examples of women leaders such as: Shajarat Al-Durr,, Helen Keller, Madame Curie, highlighting Palestinian women leaders such as: member of the Palestinian Legislative Council , Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Governor of Ramallah and Bireh, Leila Ghannam, Mayor of Ramallah Municipality, Janet Michael, while a number of Palestinian women have participated in a number of military operations, such as the Martyr Dalal Mughrabi.

The 3rd team was neutral, pointing to the role of social and environmental upbringing, indicating  that 25% of women are more creative than men, as women have the tendency  to share , while men are inclined to dictatorship.