The Student Debate Forum at BZU holds its 7th debate entitled: "No room for applying the Tunisian example on the internal Palestinian situation under occupation"

The Panelists, Mr. Bassam Al-Salhi, Secretary-General of the Palestinian People's Party, (1st team) and the student team, Sundos Hammad, Ahmed Yaseen and Tasnim Hassan (2nd team) have reached the conclusion that ending the Israeli occupation on one hand, and reforming and restructuring the Palestinian National Authority on the other hand, are vital needs.

This came during the 7th debate, held by BZU Debate Forum on 14 April 2011, supervised by the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at BZU, and attended by a large crowd of BZU teachers and students, arbitrated by the Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Mudar Kassis, Professor of Sociology, Dr. Lisa Taraki, and Mr. Sharaf Dar Zaid.

The Vice President for Community Outreach, Dr. Munir Qazzaz, opened the event, stressing the specificity of this debate at the topic, panelists and organization levels, He added: at the topic level, the debate addressed one of the most hot issues, which is the revolution, while at the level of the panelists, the two groups are from the young generation, but on the level of organization. It is the 1st debate to be held with the support of the partner departments at BZU.


The pro team got 43% vs. 56% for the opposing team, knowing that the Forum's policy equally divides the result between the attendees and the jury to announce the winner, where the pro team got 27% of the votes of the jury, compared to 23% for the opposing team, but the public has given 68% of the votes for the opposing team, compared to 32% for the pro team.

This debate is part of a series of debates, aiming to reflect intellectual pluralism and argument as two vital conditions for human thought, and the embodiment of freedom of opinion and practice of democracy. The forum seeks to promote research, debate and dialogue, based on the logic, rationality, respect for other's opinion and recognition of other's right to freedom of expression. In fact, the Student Debate Forum at BZU aspires to become a unique debate platform on the Palestinian and Arab levels