Student Affairs Deanship at BZU holds advisory workshops

In collaboration with the Institute for Women's Studies at BZU, the Deanship of Student Affairs at BZU held on 11 November 2010, a workshop, on: The challenges of the 1st stage of university life and the academic, psychological, social, and adaptive experiences and changes they face, and how different from the school stage, and the impact of social and cultural background on the status of the new student.

The workshop was conducted by. Rula Abu Daho and the Social Counse4lor, Haifa Alsabasi Nasser, in which a group of freshmen students from various faculties have participated.

On the other hand, the Student Affairs Deanship Office and the Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling concluded a training session entitled "Women's rights are human rights", covering several topics including: women's rights and gender, personal law, international legitimacy for human rights, Penalty law, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the concept and forms of violence, a draft law on the protection of women from domestic violence and other issues related to women's rights.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Mohammed Al-Ahmed, emphasized the importance of women's rights and its relationship to the development of the Palestinian society, and the need for ongoing awareness of these rights, demanding for a just law on women's rights in various fields.

The Director of the Women's Center  for Legal Aid and Counseling, Maha Abu-Dayyeh  affirmed that social change and development process comes through the recognition of the human self, and women's awareness of its role and different rights in the family and society, and society's perception of these rights.

Moreover, a training course has been organized entitled "attraction to others" within a series of sessions, "You and the other", aiming to inform the students about the concept of attraction and repulsion with others.