String of Physics Graduates Awarded for Achievements in Louisville University Graduate Program

Three out of five students who graduated from Birzeit University physics department and joined the Louisville University physics department in Kentucky have been awarded the Manuel Schwartz Award over several years for their outstanding graduate performance in physics.

Jafar Ghithan, a PhD student at the Louisville University physics department, was awarded the Manuel Schwartz Award 2014 on April 11, 2014. Ghithan completed his bachelor’s degree from Birzeit University physics department in 2007 and joined Louisville University PhD program in 2012. Ghithan is working in the optical material science field under the supervision of professor Sergio Mendes.

Mohammed Srour, who completed his master’s degree from Louisville University, won the award in 2012, and Iyad Khair, who sadly passed away in 2013, won the award in 2007. 

The Schwartz award is an annual award with a monetary prize given to a graduate student or students completing his/her MS or PhD degree and who demonstrated excellence in all areas of graduate student involvement.

Professor John Morrison from Louisville University expressed his pride in the outstanding academic performance of the Birzeit University physics students who continue their education at Louisville University. Morrison has visited the physics department at Birzeit several times, and  taught a course on computational physics there in 2009.

The Birzeit University Physics Department also expressed its pride in its graduate and undergraduate students and congratulated them for their excellent achievements.

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