Spokesperson training for prosecutors, enhances communication skills

Birzeit University’s Media Development Center and Public Prosecution-State of Palestine concluded a specialized training course for media spokespersons that was attended by prosecutors from the Juvenile Prosecution, Family and Juvenile Protection Department at the Palestinian Police and the Child Protection Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The five-day course, led by Nibal al-Thawabteh, Emad Alasfr, Saleh Masharqeh, Khalid Saleem, and Akram Farakhneh, introduced officials to an overview of the skills needed in their line of work, aiming to enable them to communicate clearly and effectively with their audiences. The course tackled key pillars such as the role of media offices, the skills and qualities required of media spokespersons, the essentials of media messages, proper writing techniques, the ins and outs of social media usage, the importance of press conferences, and radio interview- and videography skills.

Nibal Thawabteh, director of the center, explained that the course is part of an ongoing cooperation with the public prosecution office and aims to fuse knowledge-based journalism with practical skills. Such specialized programs meet the needs of staff members at public organizations and help them acquire the techniques of how to deliver clear, wise and strategic messages through media, he stated.

Thaer Khalil, the chief juvenile prosecutor, highlighted the benefits of the training course as it empowers prosecutors and enables them to better communicate with the public, especially when it comes to issues related to mediation processes that involve juveniles and their victims.

The participants recommended to increase the length of the course and to organize a supplementary course to further enhance their knowledge and skills.