SPHIER Representative Offers Information on Grant Prospects

A closer look at Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform/SPHIER was offered in an information session held on November 23, 2016 by the Development Policy and Partnerships Manager at Universities UK International, Mostafa Al-Mossallami.

The lecture, organized by the Office of Grants and Contracts at Birzeit University in cooperation with the British Council, sought to shed light on the importance of SPHIER and the prospects it offers higher education institutions. SPHIER is a competitive grant scheme to help address the performance, governance, and influence of higher education systems and institutions.

Al-Mossallami underscored the key main pillars for accomplishing an effective project through SPHIER. According to Al-Mossallami, in order to promote better quality in higher education, projects must be more affordable, accessible, equitable, and more market-relevant, especially in low-income countries.

Established by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by a consortium (the British Council, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Universities UK International), SPHIER is based on partnerships, and seeks to achieve systemic change by designing and delivering degree programs or enhancing systems and institutions.  

 “SPHEIR will catalyze diverse and innovative partnerships, opening up opportunities for academic institutions to apply,” Al-Mossallami said.

"Accepted projects are likely to focus on developing new and innovative solutions to the major issues facing higher education. Research projects, capacity building and improving curricula projects are much recommended," Al- Mossallami concluded.

Representatives of the Arab American University, Hebron University, Bethlehem University and Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie attended the session.