South Korean ambassador encourages industry-academia integration, promotes academic cooperation

Head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Korea to the State of Palestine Mr. Young-sam Choi met with President of Birzeit University Dr. Abdullatif Abuhijleh during a visit to the university’s campus on April 18, 2018. 

Choi also met with External Academic Relations Officer Dr. Amir Khalil and Assistant Director of the Public Relations Office Tina Rafidi. 

During the course of their meeting, Choi and the administration team explored cooperation between Korean businesses and the Palestine Techno Park, the “hub for technological innovation and industry integration in Palestine,” as Abuhijleh commented. 

Choi also stressed the importance of integration between graduates and the industry in all disciplines and majors, especially in engineering- and technology-related areas. 

Khalil, noting the significance of academic cooperation, discussed student and staff mobility between Korean universities and Birzeit University, joint research projects, attracting Korean students to the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program, and plans to establish an Eastern Studies course at Birzeit University.

The external academic relations officer also outlined the university’s plans to host various cultural events in the future, which will showcase, among others, East Asian cultures such as the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cultures.