South African Play Displays Justice, Injustice and Oppression

The Birzeit University Student Affairs Deanship presented on October 8, 2014 a play entitled “Bosman and Lena” by Athol Fugard. The play addresses injustice and the oppression of black South Africans in times of racial segregation. The play was attended by the Consul General of South Africa in Palestine, Soleil Chrhola.

“Bosman and Lena” revolves around a homeless colored couple in South Africa whose neighborhood has been demolished by government bulldozers, forcing the residents move to mud flats.

The play manifests rage, humor, oppression and a quest for freedom, in addition to raising questions about injustice, dignity and fairness and illustrating the oppression suffered by citizens for reasons such as race, religion and gender.

The play was produced by Diyar Theatre, directed by Joe Martin, and acted out by Osama Aljabri, Hanin Tarabay and Emil Mitri.