South African ambassador shares experience in politics, diplomacy

The South African Ambassador to Palestine Ashraf Suleiman told the audience at a lecture that the apartheid regime in Palestine is crueler than the apartheid system that ruled his country for decades.

Focusing on diplomacy and negotiations in the era of globalization, Suleiman said that a professional diplomat is one who employs both form and content.  A diplomat shall work to enhance the bilateral relations among nations through an authentic and sincere attitude, he argued. Suleiman stated that negotiations are an art that a diplomat should be skilled at to succeed and achieve the needed goals.

Speaking about the Palestinian context, Suleiman said that the best solution for the Palestinian cause is one tailored to the Palestinian reality, problems and need. He explained how Palestine can benefit from the South African experience in negotiations, but it should not depend on it completely.

Sulieman concluded by discussing the South African strategy in the era of globalization: “South Africa cannot be an island of prosperity in an ocean of poverty"