Sixth Annual Accounting Day Focuses on Auditing

The Accounting Department in the Birzeit University Faculty of Business and Economics organized on April 5, 2014 the Sixth Annual Accounting Day entitled, "The Auditing Career: Prospects and Challenges." The event is meant to highlight issues related to the accounting profession, its challenges and prospects for development.

Faculty of Business and Economics Dean Mohamed Nasr kicked off the event, emphasizing the university’s role in developing the accounting curricula to keep pace with technological developments in the accounting sector, raising awareness of corporate governance principles, and bridging the gap between university education outputs and the labor market.

"The responsibility for upgrading the accounting profession is shared between universities and the Palestinian Auditors Association,” he said.

A representative of event sponsor PricewaterhouseCoopers also spoke, saying that the company is working on boosting the accounting sector in Palestine, and is coordinating with Palestinian universities and Birzeit University to develop the accounting career by offering  assistance to companies and services to develop auditing and tax services.