The Research and Documentation Center for the Palestinian Society (Birzeit University) is hosting a series of workshops that will culminate in a one-day public conference entitled, Towards a Palestin ian Strategy Regarding Jerusalem. This is an unprecedented event that will gather some 40 key policy- makers, researchers and activists together in five sessions, where they will put their skill an d expertise towards shaping a comprehensive Palestinian strategy concerning the issue of Jerusalem. The event will conclude with a one day conference in which the result of the workshops will be formally adopted and publicly presented. Among many of the noted speakers and participants will be Fais al al-Husseini, Hannan Ashrawi, Ibrahim Abu Lugoud, Ibrahim Dakak and Ahmad Kreie.

The objective of the event is to create an opportunity for internal debate among various politicians, concerned professionals such as geographers, urban planners, etc. and activists from a wide array of community organizations to develop a comprehensive and pragmatic approach towards dealing with the future of Jerusalem. The final product of this conference will be of crucial importance for Pal estinian negotiators as they try to define and clarify an official political position and development policy on Jerusalem.

The inaugural ceremony will be held on Sunday March 24th, 1996 from 9:00am to 10:00am on the third floor of the Administration Building on Birzeit University's new campus. The general conference, Towards A Palestinian Strategy for Jerusalem, will be held on Sunday April 21st, 1996 in Kammal Nasser Hall (Birzeit University) from 9:00am to 10:30am.