Seminar Introduces Rosa Luxemburg’s Life and Work

Birzeit University Institute of Women's Studies held on April 10, 2014 a seminar to introduce the Polish activist Rosa Luxemburg. The seminar, jointly sponsored with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, was attended by university faculty and students.

Institute Director Laura Khoury said that the ideas of activist Luxembourg have contributed substantially to bringing about political change, and supporting the oppressed in the world. Khoury introduced the seminar’s final brainstorming session, in which the attendees would discuss Rosa’s revolutionary experience and the social, economic, cultural and political aspects of her struggle.

Luxembourg Foundation representative Issa Rabadi introduced the foundation, which was established in Ramallah in 2008. The foundation cooperates with other institutions in adopting and disseminating progressive ideas.

The seminar included a theatrical performance presented by the "Dome Theater" band to acquaint the attendees with Rosa’s life, school of thought and writings against capitalism, bloodshed, war, and terrorism, especially during World War I.

An expert on Rosa’s writings addressed her biography, stages of life, her history of struggle, her writings and revolutionary quotations. Rosa was one of the leaders of the German revolution that ended the war, but was killed by the German state in January 1919.

The seminar was followed by a discussion on the impact of Rosa’s experience on the Palestinian revolution, intellectually and culturally.