Seminar Explores Impact of Israeli Goods Boycott on Palestinian Economy

Birzeit University organized a seminar on April 23, 2013 to discuss to what extent a boycott of Israeli goods and accompanying support for domestic products might strengthen the national economy.
The seminar began by asking whether Palestinians should boycott all Israeli goods or only items produced in illegal Israeli settlements. Then it went on to discuss the boycott and the differences between public policies and community culture. Participants also discussed whether local products are able to meet local needs, and what policies can be implemented to support local products. Finally, the seminar addressed whether a boycott is actually feasible and/or viable, and its role in building a solid national economy.
The seminar was organized by a student group, "Dialogue in Public Administration and Policies," a group of students from the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, who are interested in constructive dialogue on Palestinian public policies.
Professor of public administration Jehad Al-Ayasa also participated in organizing the event, which was attended by Palestinian Legislative Council member Mustafa Barghouti and Al Juneidi Dairy & Food Products Company Executive Director Mashour Abu Khalaf.