Seminar on "Contemporary Investment Topics – Link Theory to Practice"

The main idea of Shireen’s research is that the nano-scale
iron is one of the most prominent aspects of environmental nanotechnology. Shireen’s research is part of a BZU-funded project, supervised
by BZU Chemistry Professor, Dr. Talal Shahwan.

Shireen’s work is a continuation of previous research on nano-iron
conducted by the BZU chemistry students, Ma’ath Nei’rat and Saa’dia Abu
Sirriyeh, both of whom won the Hijjawi prize in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

her opening address, MBA Program Director, Dr. Grace Khoury, stressed the
importance of holding such seminars and thanked Zakaria for sharing his
experience with BZU students and faculty members. She also thanked United Securities[1]
for sponsoring the event.


global financial crisis and the Euro-zone debt crisis were topics of discussion
at the seminar. Zakaria explained what portfolio management is as well as addressed
the current Palestinian economic conditions and the future value of investment
in Palestine.

in 1997and is accredited member of Palestine Exchange.