Seeking Business Start-up Advice?

As part of the Business Start-up Center Project and to enhance its business start-up training/mentoring program, the IT Center of Excellence at Birzeit University established an Arabic website ( packed with expert advice, information, tools, and resources for students and young individuals wishing to develop their entrepreneurial skills or wishing to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit buried within them.

Pinpointing target markets

The website introduces the user/learner to the meaning and significance of entrepreneurship in the context of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting opportunities to introduce innovative business products and services to the market.

Financing for start-up and growth
First time Palestinian entrepreneurs can access information on choices of start-up support systems (i.e. venture capital funds, angel investors, micro-financing, incubators, etc..) that can cater to their needs.

Strategies for idea generation

The website offers an introduction to TRIZ-based idea-generation techniques. There is also plenty of information for users wishing to develop essential entrepreneurial skills primarily observation, critical thinking, communication, time management, and others.

Simplifying the business plan
Future entrepreneurs can learn the essential elements of an effective business plan through a sample business plan for a fictitious company.