"Right2Edu Campaign” Organizes Visit to Hebron School

The Birzeit University “Right to Education Campaign” at the Public Relations Office organized a visit to the Tuwany mixed school in Yatta, Hebron to offer support and to learn about Israeli violations against the school and its students.

The campaign’s volunteers conducted recreational activities for the school students and distributed in-kind donations, which were collected by the campaign from several companies and libraries in Ramallah and Hebron in support of the school and its students.

Tuwany is a public school that primarily serves a pool of eight villages in Yatta district located east of Hebron, and is the only primary and secondary school in the district. The total number of students in the current academic year is 126 students.

The school area is classified as C (i.e. under Israeli control), and therefore students can’t easily attend the school, since there are settlements that obstruct their movement. However, the students are accustomed to being accompanied by a group of international volunteers from the “Operation Dove Campaign” to secure their access to school. One of the international volunteers was recently attacked by Israeli settlers, so Israeli military forces secured a jeep to escort the volunteers and students, in order to protect them from settler attacks.

Moreover, Tuwany School suffers from an inadequate number of classrooms, leading to the use of two rooms outside the school building for grades I and II, one of which has no ventilation. Regarding the teaching system, the school allocates one teacher to each class to teach all the disciplines.

Eleventh grade student Mariam says that on her way to school, the settlers often stop and search her. She remembers when she and her foreign companions were severely beaten, which led to a head injury that affected her memory and concentration.

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