Released Female Prisoner Shares Experience on Prisoners’ Day

Former prisoner and Fateh Revolutionary Council member Abir Al Wahidi and Palestinian Prisoner Society head Qadura Fares were hosted on campus by the Deanship of Students Affairs on Prisoners’ Day on April 20, 2016. The two spoke about the experiences of Palestinians in prison.Fares said that despite the inhumane treatment of Palestinian prisoners during arrest and detention, prisoners play an important role in anti-occupation resistance. “The human spirit is not easily extinguished, particularly when people are imprisoned for their belief in a cause and they defend their rights. Palestinian prisoners have always expressed their commitment to ensuring that Palestine will be free.”Fares drew attention to the disruptions that occur when Palestinians are forced by detention out of their learning environment. “The experience of prison itself has long-lasting implications for Palestinians. However, our youth, who are susceptible to arrest, have never been reluctant to take the pilot seat in confronting the occupiers.”He recalled that Palestinian prisoners used to be denied pencils and paper and books in prison, but through protest and determination gained access to tools for knowledge and education.Al Wahidi described her personal experience inside prison, speaking about her struggles to survive with as much dignity as possible in dank and poorly lit circumstances of isolation, humiliation, and acute hostility.Al Wahidi described her reaction when she learned that her family had been spared the demolition of her family home. She spoke about the emotions of anger and determination that motivated her to continue her resistance inside prison.