Qadura Fares speaks about the negotiations on hunger strikers demands

The Department of Political Science held on May 25, 2017 a lecture on the negotiations on the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike, presented by the Chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Qadura Fares. The lecture is part of a course offered by the department entitled "Arts of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution".

Fares pointed out that the political parties inside the prison organize regularly internal elections for choosing the National Committees that are responsible of coordinating the relationship between the prisoners and the Israeli Prison Service. According to Fares, the main responsibility of these committees is to maintain the prisoners' rights and achieve their demands.

"Usually, a hunger strike starts after a long discussion between all the parties inside prison. The fundamental and primary demands are also deeply discussed and determined."

Fares pointed out to the historical successes of previous hunger strikes. The demands of the prisoners were completely or partially achieved. However, the current hunger strike is the toughest. Fares explained that the occupation are imposing strict and outrageous acts, which make the hunger strike more difficult on the prisoners. For example, the occupation is using practices such regular inspection campaigns, moving the prisoners constantly, and the trying to forcibly make the prisoners let go of their strike.